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Willie Stewarts Solutions in Music Corporate Team  Stress Reduction percussion workshop

Testimonials from Paul Quintel  For Eyes CEO


Willie Stewart WLRN-PBS Artstreet Stress Reduction workshop


BGT  Art in the workplace Workshop


Community Unity workshop


Miramar Vision 2030 Drum Beats with Willie Stewart


Third World Band former drummer William Stewart with NBC’s  Sharon Lawson


Willie Stewart’s Teambuilding Drumming workshop with ABWA


Music is the harmonic connection between all human beings.

Movie, August Rush

willy-0160One individual, one organization, one group, one corporation at a time – Solutions in Music offers motivational, interactive, team-building workshops that break down walls among colleagues, encourages unity and camaraderie, improves communication, and relieves stress. Through the universal language of music, and more specifically the spiritual, harmonizing nature of drumming, participants are inspired, and hope is created through humanity as drummers connect with fellow men and women.




An individual inspired is a human in Solution.
Become part of the Solution!

A wide variety of percussion instruments provided. (30 - 100) participants - 1 - 3 hour

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Who Can Use This?

Corporate Human Resources For:

  • Sales Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Company Anniversaries
  • Conventions
  • Management Training
  • Company Retreats
  • Corporate Team Building

pipes-chamberThis is an excellent way to harness the energy and high spirits of your corporate employees, give them a sense of harmony within themselves, toward each other, and toward the organization. This creates well-being, reduced stress and enhances communications – all things that will make your company thrive.


I would recommend Stewart's program to any company that wants to do team-building, stress relief or as a way of introducing associates to each other. It is a GREAT experience; it is an AFORDABLE experience; and a CONVENIENT experience.

Paul Quintel,
Chief Operating Officer,
For Eyes Optical


Make your Company Thrive, one Drum Beat, one individual at a time!


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Team Building

A time to breath, a time to come together, a time to celebrate, a time to rejoice
A time to heal; a time to believe, a time to refresh


Examples of Solutions

Motivational Forum for Corporate Employees

Using the rhythmic beat of the drum, and the interactive forum of audience participation, Willie Stewart creates an enlivened and inspired vibration that lifts the spirits of corporate participants, engages friendship among them and encourages relief and goodwill. This results in a motivated employee and human being, and a relaxed and confident drum player. Stewart has been linked as a motivational speaker with the use of drumming as the medium of choice to speak the language of synchronicity.

Unity Building in Corporations

Corporate Teams – breaks down walls and barriers; encourages open communication through fun, creativity and sound and dance. Participants come alive through interactive sequences and sharing, as Stewart goes through the motion of teaching them the history of reggae music, with an African, Caribbean and South American heart beat in music sounds and geography. Leadership is challenged, equality is in play as a variety of music genres are introduced.

Spirit Building in Corporations

Many corporations are acknowledging the power that having vitalized employees can bring, and directly contribute to the bottom line. An employee who is satisfied, who feels valued, and who sees that the strength of his spirit is a concern to his employer, will dedicate more of his focus to the good of the corporation. Working with others in a format that encourages strong camaraderie, goes a long way towards helping solve the stresses of every day life.

The teambuilding activity was one event conducted to strengthen the partnership between managers, our summer interns and their mentors. It really turned out to be the most memorable event of summer. Your enthusiasm alone sparked our attention, and your presentation kept our imagination alive. Your workshop was fun, creative, interactive and very unique.

Stephanie Sylvestre,
Int'l Business Development Manager
Western Union


Past Clients

American Express
American Business Women's Association
Florida Power and Light
Western Union
Adult & Community Educators of Florida
For Eyes Optical
Seminole Tribe
The McGraw-Hill Companies
Broward Center for the Performing Arts
City of Miramar
Miramar/Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce
Johnson & Johnson
Pearson Distributors
Community Foundation of Broward
Jackson Memorial Hospital
Broward Colleges, South, North & Central
Nova Southeastern University
Florida Memorial University
Broward County Parks & Recreation Division
City of Fort Lauderdale Parks & Recreation Department
Broward County Libraries Division
Dillard Center for the Arts

The feedback from the event was outstanding and it was definitely one of the best events that we have had at American Express. I personally found it to be a great stress reliever, team builder and diversity activity.

Lisa Cann,
Communication Specialist
American Express





Musically Speaking,

(1)  Willie Stewarts Solutions in Music Corporate Team

Stress Reduction percussion workshop



Educational Workshops

Introduction To Percussion Workshop

Willie Stewart preparing students for “Arts Inspire “

Willie Stewart of Third World and “Becon Real Science “


Willie Stewart’s Jamaican Rhythms at “Arts Inspire “


Willie Stewart Percussion Workshop Edna Manley School of Music


Introduction to Percussion Workshops to students in schools, after-school programs, parks and recreation facilities and community centers.


Liberate Learning in Children

The "Liberate Learning through World Rhythm" workshop teaches skills that can be used by all students, teachers, principals and administration staff - not only music faculty and students, but all disciplines.

161The educational goal of the program is to use rhythm as a tool to liberate overall learning skills through music and social skills from interactive, hands-on workshops that develop creativity and stimulate innovation. By increasing a sense of understanding and building higher critical thinking skills, the student's mind is challenged to 'think outside the box'.

Problem-solving and communication skills are engaged through a model of responsiveness which contributes significantly to spatial and intellectual development in the child. This nurtures self discipline and diligence - traits that lead to effective study work habits which ultimately lead to children who will become responsible productive adults.

The content is aligned with the Florida Sunshine State Educational Standards and can be adopted easily in any classroom situation to enhance student focus and listening skills. The content is relevant to all ages and the approach appeals to all cultural backgrounds.

Intro_To_Percussion_Workshop_Perfect_Children_in_HarmonyWillie Stewart demonstrates that by utilizing easily acquired percussion instruments, a teacher can capture the attention and imagination of the individual student and enhance their leadership skills and the classroom group dynamic. Students learn by doing, therefore the teacher as leader will learn how to lead his/her student through the MIND/BODY/SOUND connection to focused learning and stress relief.

This workshop promotes focus and control and improves listening skills, increasing student concentration and attention span for better learning and promoting leadership qualities.

Teachers can develop a new rhythm to liberate learning through this unique technique. By appealing to the basic instinct within children to find their natural rhythm in things— for example, children are always tapping on the desks, books, chairs and tables to an imaginary sound in their heads—this workshop harnesses and incorporates what comes naturally to a child.

Recognizing that some students never learn through the conventional way of learning and noticing that they can remember, lyrics from songs, beats from ballads, teachers and parents are encouraged to embrace that zone. The discipline naturally created by this new interest allows them to have fun too!

Mathematics comes into play, as counting off the sound beats is required to move through the Rhythms

Geography is engaged as they learn the areas in the world, where the different instruments and sounds have originated.

History is channeled through the people who came and brought the music, the culture and movement with them.

Social Studies are applied as children learn about various cultures, music and interaction among different social spheres.

Interactive & inspirational. A wide variety of percussion instruments provided. (40 – 100 participants) - 1 - 3 hours; Extended Percussion workshop. 6 – 8 week. Learn African, Brazilian, Latin and Caribbean Rhythms.


stewart-0060Two workshops - "Introduction to Percussion" and "Rhythms around the World." These can be done for a Teacher's Training Day - learning how to teach children, for principals, retreats, lectures. Workshops are tailored for students of all ages. Impacting up to 500 students, the workshops can be broken out into - one day, 5 hours, 45 minute durations; 15 minute breaks and 100 children per duration.

A set of band directors surveyed spoke in general terms about the benefits of band education; they created a list of benefits: discipline, teamwork, coordination, development of skills, lifetime skills, accomplishments, cooperation, self-confidence, sense of belonging, responsibility, self expression, creativity, performance, companionship, builds character and personality, improves self esteem, social development and enjoyment.


The arts are a critical component of our educational programming, kindergarten through 12th grade. In the workshop, we saw students energized, excited and inspired to meet and learn from Willie Stewart. We are proud to participate in such a rewarding program that offers our students enriching and memorable educational experience.

Maureen Dinnen
School Board of Broward County

An Event to Remember!

"Arts Inspire" – November 2009
Partnership of Broward Center for the Performing Arts and the School Board of Broward County, Parkway Middle School and Winston Park School – a one day workshop with performance at the end - 60 students drum to a Bob Marley beat as Jamaican Reggae Legend Willie Stewart guided them.

Students were first introduced to percussion instruments and their origins, using a wide variety of actual musical instruments from around the world. They then focused on musical concepts such as rhythm, timing and beat; tonality and harmony; performance techniques; and the role of percussive music forms in ritual and culture. The workshop ends with a recital by the students and guest artist, Willie Stewart.

This workshop was attended by many dignitaries in the Broward Arts Community, including members of the School Board of Broward County, members of the Consulate General of Jamaica and the Jamaican Tourist Board, Broward Cultural Division and dignitaries of Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

History of Reggae Music Workshop

reggaeMultimedia presentation and lecture on the evolution of this unique music from Jamaica that has had a profound worldwide influence. Taking participants through the evolution of Reggae Music in Jamaica, from Mento Music, SKA, Rock Steady, Reggae and Dance Hall, these 2 hour long, or longer sessions include live musical performances, videos, lectures and multi-media demonstrations. (30 – 100, participants best suited for lecture hall situation) – 2 hours or full day program. Recommended for universities and colleges and library, music and specialty forums.

Private Lessons - On the Beat Drum School

DANNY VENDREL  16 year wins International drum Competition for 2012

On The Beat Drum School with Student and their testimonials


Seven Year old Miguel Russell playing Take 5 at On The Beat Drum school

Drum off at Edna Manley School Kingston Jamaica

Private Lessons – With a Drumming Master

For Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced

Do you have a drum beat in you? Unexplored?

You know it's in there – maybe you see it in your child?

It's Time to Explore the Unexplored

Private Lessons

Conducted by Willie Stewart

Legendary drummer from the international group

Third World!

Download our flyer and register today for special discounts. Read more about it here.

willy-0124The heart of a drumbeat and the heart of a drummer make music together in talent, style, creativity and rhythm with On The Beat Drum School. Its mission: - to bring two heartbeats together in synchronicity.

You may have the next world drumming champion on your hands - within yourself, within your child, your spouse, or your sibling.

A chance to improve and develop your listening, coordination, rhythm, and musical skills while exploring the wide variety of rhythm styles, understanding the methods and technique behind them while having fun! You might want to play for your own enjoyment or for your church - Rock, Pop, Funk, Ballads, Latin R & B, Reggae, Soca or Jazz; or simply to jam with your friends. You might want to be a studio session drummer or want to take it to the competition level, a teacher or even a much-needed anti-stress hobby, or passion. Whatever the reason, On the Beat Drum School will meet your needs.

_DPP3275On The Beat Drum School opens an opportunity for your child, or yourself - to shine, be bold, explore sensitivities and musical proclivity. A child who has found their rhythm in a drum, will also find the rhythm in their life. Drumming teaches life skills from the inside out. Willie Stewart is a musical mentor, a friend, a life coach, a father of six, a husband and a businessman – not necessarily in that order of priority – but equally significant, none-the-less. He is a Teacher.

_DPP0101Stewart has been playing drums from the age of six. He began beating at that age on pots and pans and bed heads. He honed his own unique and signature style of playing drums and went on to play in numerous bands internationally, including creating 13 successful albums.

In 1981 he completed a three-year orchestral snare drum and drum-set course and was certified by Dr. Billy Moore, Studio of Percussion in LA. He completed the Instrumental Music Facilitator course with the Open College Network in the UK (OCN Level 3) by Access to Music, were he was certified and licensed as a workshop leader and music facilitator/educator.

Stewart studied Colin Woolway's Drumsense Teachers program in 1998 – 1999, and was a Drum Instructor & Percussion Instructor at Haling Manor High School and Drum Instructor for Sutton College of the Liberal Arts, both in the UK.

_DPP0129 copyUsing a unique blend of his own style and a combination of others, Stewart has written a successful drum course formula taking students from beginner through intermediate to advance. He teaches all styles of music from Rock, R & B, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Reggae Soca, Ballads and Reading Notation Skills. Willie Stewart is endorsed by Zildjian Cymbals and Remo Percussions

Private Lessons can be arranged by appointments in his state of the art " ON THE BEAT " drum studio. Find your rhythm in the art of drumming .

Special Discount offer of 50% off the first Drum lesson!

Profile of a Student

Congratulations to my student Danny Vendrell. Please see Danny practicing at "On The Beat Drum School" in the photo below.

Winner of the Prestigious 2010 International Larrie Londin Memorial Scholarship

danny2Drum classes with William "Willie" Stewart have changed my life!

Since I was ten, I have been meeting with him once a week, and learning from the wealth of knowledge that he is.

From the beginning, we worked on many different styles, genres, and perfected the many aspects of the modern drummer.

With the skills I have attained in my studies, I hope to go to a music college, something Willie has also helped me with tremendously.

From the professional recording session, to the one on one talks about life, Willie is an all around amazing drum teacher, and friend, who I actively recommend to whomever I can.

Who is Danny Vendrell?

At the age of ten, my family and I attended a church wide picnic. Somehow in the midst of laughter, bounce houses, and the aroma of hot dogs wafting through the air, I had managed to wander off into the chapel stage. There sat an electronic drum set. I sat down, and as I tinkered around with cymbals, snare, and bass drum pedal, I began to muse what it would be like to actually play the drums. At the time, and for my young ears, so far it seemed good to me.

A month later, I began a journey as a drum student to one of the most leading drummers of our time Willie Stewart. He played and recorded with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Eddy Grant Jammed on stage with Bob Marley And Santana and was the principal drummer and percussionist and recorded 13 hit albums for the 5 time Grammy nominated international group Third World Today, 6 years later, I am currently still under his teaching playing various genres of music including a myriad of multi-cultural styles.

I am humbled to have been awarded the Larrie Londin Memorial Scholarship, and I plan to continue my college career in music. I endeavor to pursue a high quality of music education and training with an emphasis on performance, creativity, and research. My vision is to impact the lives and hearts of music enthusiasts in my community, and around the globe.

Rhythms of Africa - Music Around the World

Rhythms of Africa 2011. The Journey and the Arrival


Big Brother Big Sister of Greater Miami Training Session


Willie Stewart interview with Knight Foundation


Rhythms  of Africa fundraiser


Rhythms of Africa Live performance at the Miramar Cultural Center 2010


Nightly News NBC about Rhythms of Africa with Willie Stewart


Willie Stewart’s interview with South Florida News


TROPIC TV – Interview # 1


TROPIC TV – Interview 2


ABC News – Making a difference with Willie Stewart

Willie's Dream about the Children

After playing successfully with Third World for 23 years, Willie Stewart's desire to work with children and give back to the community, coupled with his expertise in the world of percussion instruments stirred a desire in his head and heart to help heal - the world! - with music. He is not alone.

I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside, give them a sense of pride, to make it easier. Let the children's laughter, remind us how we used to be.

-- Whitney Houston


Rhythms of Africa - a musical odyssey that creates a point of inspiration for children who have never played drums before, and leads them into the confidence to perform in a professional show.

Rhythms of Africa introduces the audience to an historical, geographical and musical litany through percussion drums, the sounds of children drumming in tandem along with talented world-renowned musicians, all coming together in style, sound, poetry and harmony.

One such event in February 2010, orchestrator and musician Willie Stewart introduced 60 plus novices to percussion through a build up of classes preceding the show - one hour every Monday for ten weeks at the Miramar Civic Center. These children would learn something about themselves they never knew – that they could play an instrument, in cohesive harmony with other members like themselves AND with worldly talented musicians.

The performance at the end was a prize to the children and a surprise to their parents; a gift to the audience; and a salute in memory of a journey that many made across an ocean to a new and challenging world.

Selected from the Early Childhood Program at Miramar and from the ASPIRA program, these 50 courageous little musicians were schooled to create a mixture of sounds and vibes through different ages, interests and hearts. Also, inspired and welcomed by professional musicians, these young protégés learnt intrinsically that big things are possible.

The result was a power-packed lecture, performance and concert that took the audience on a magical, musical journey from Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad and the U.S. The international sounds of the percussion brought a resonance through time and space in working towards unity, peace and harmony.

This evolution of music, history and the human soul offers a natural, melodious sound in celebration. Through history, the plight of humanity as it has been held in captivity and freed from captivity has always looked to music to calm, for mental and emotional survival and for release; and then, once free - to celebrate. Rhythms of Africa – Music Around the World is a Celebration!


"People could feel emotions, feel themselves, participate, forget about their worries of yesterday and realize how music can take you on a magical journey, and the healing sounds transform body, mind and soul.
"This show is a full representation of everything that I do. It is a show, by the community, for the community; therein lays its power."
"With excellence and style, it is a loving tribute to our ancestors and our culture.
"To those who made that journey across the Atlantic...
"We Salute You."
-- Willie Stewart

The Rhythms of Africa-Music Around the World Program is a model example of an art program that successfully combines music skills training for youth and broad based, community-wide education. The Program is designed to teach youth introductory rhythmic musical skills and illustrate the journey of music from Africa and across the continents over several centuries. The performance was free to the community and the 800-seat theatre was packed. Over 300 people waiting in line had to be turned away.

The performance was also under the patronage of the Jamaican Consular General and sponsors included Costco and Air Jamaica. It was also shown internationally through online television broadcasting.

Grace Kewl-Durfey
Broward Cultural Division



Long before the Civil Rights era and Harlem Renaissance, African civilization made great strides in academia and the arts. It was the mission of Rhythms of Africa – Music Around the World to show how African rhythms infused and influenced our lives as links for the past and the present, demonstrating how drums have gone beyond the Diaspora. Patrons experienced a cultural journey in the revolutionary influence of African rhythms embedded in other cultures throughout the world carried there by a people in their travels of slavery.

NBC News - Channel 6

The Sounds

West Africa –Nigeria - (pronounce: Funga Alafia)
TALK Drum - Used for Communication

A Welcome Song


 talk-drumThis joyful song from West Africa calls you to a land of warm-hearted people and natural beauty - a song of welcome, peace, and gratitude – a 'call and answer rhythm natural to this region.





West Africa - Griots of Ghana/Ivory Coast
DJEMBE Drum – Used for Ceremony and Healing

djembe-drumWelcome Beat - Four part voice Rhythm – Gota Music
A griot is a West African poet, praise singer, and wandering musician, considered a repository of oral tradition. Although they are popularly known as 'praise singers', griots may also use their vocal expertise for gossip, satire, or political comment.

East Africa - Tanzania
NOGAMA Drum – The Dancing Drum


North Africa – Doumbek

doumbekThe Doumbek African drum is a goblet or chalice shaped drum originating in North Africa. Belly Dance









A South Africa – The African Click

Clicks are speech sounds found as consonants in many languages of southern Africa, and in three languages of East Africa. Examples of these sounds familiar to English speakers are the tsk! tsk! (American English) or tut-tut (British English) used to express disapproval or pity, the tchick! used to spur on a horse, and the clip-clop! sound children make to imitate a horse trotting.







Brazil - Samba
Pandeiro Drum and Surdo Drum – Heart Beat Instruments

brazil-drumBatucada – Road March - Brought by the Moors to Rio de Janeiro and became one of the largest carnivals in the world. Samba is a lively, rhythmical dance of Brazilian origin in 2/4 time danced under the Samba music. Portuguese also influenced in Brazil.



















Cuban Clave
Bongo and Congas

congasClave is a Spanish word meaning 'code', 'key,' as in key to a mystery or puzzle, or 'keystone,' the wedge-shaped stone in the center of an arch that ties the other stones together. Clave is also the name of the patterns played on claves; two hardwood sticks used in Cuban music ensembles. A five-stroke clave pattern is the heart of Afro-Cuban music.





Jamaican Music
Kete Repeater Drum

ketteThe music of Jamaica includes Jamaican folk music and many popular genres, and the journey from mento, revivalism ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub music, dancehall.
Jamaica's music culture is a fusion of elements from the United States (rhythm and blues, rock and roll, soul) and Africa. Reggae is especially popular through the international fame of Bob Marley. Jamaican music's influence on music styles in other countries includes the practice of toasting, which was brought to New York City and evolved into rapping. British genres such as Lovers rock and jungle music are influenced by Jamaican music


Trinidad – The Steel Pan and Calypso

steek-drumSteel pans (also known as steel drums or pans, and sometimes collectively with musicians as a steel band) is a musical instrument and a form of music originating from Trinidad and Tobago. The pan is a pitched percussion instrument, tuned chromatically made from 55 gallon drums that usually store oil. Calypso is a style of Afro-Caribbean music.












New Orleans – The Blues/Big Band Era/Swing
Introduction to Snare

snareSnare drum was used in second line drumming in New Orleans for the after-celebration of funerals. The conventional drumset was introduced during the big-band swing era in the 1920's and 1930's. Blues is the name given to both a musical form and a music genre created primarily within the African-American communities in the Deep South of the United States at the end of the 19th century from spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads.







Gospel music is music that is written to express either personal or a communal belief regarding Christian life, as well as (in terms of the varying music styles) to give a Christian alternative to mainstream secular music.

Audiences may range in numbers from 300 – 2000 plus, depending on the venue.
(Suitable for large indoor/outdoor venues, theaters & auditoriums) duration of shows are normally 90 minutes – 2 hours.

An Event To Remember!

On Saturday, February 27, 2010, more than 800 patrons experienced a cultural journey in the revolutionary influence of African rhythms embedded in other cultures throughout the world carried there by a people in their travels of slavery. In the first interpretation of this unique workshop and celebration, audiences experienced a musical journey. And found that Nigeria to Ghana, Ivory Coast, North Africa to Brazil, Cuba, New Orleans to Jamaica to Trinidad to Florida, the rigorous performances of the Cuban clave and the Brazilian samba, the brass bands of New Orleans and Griots of Ghana, the revolutionary and pulsating beat of the Caribbean all have one thing in common – DRUMS – and inherent rhythm.

City of Miramar dignitaries in attendance included: Mayor Lori C. Moseley, Vice Mayor Troy R. Samuels, Commissioner Winston F. Barnes, Commissioner Yvonne Garth, Commissioner Barbara Sharief.

This event was held under the distinguished patronage of Consul General of Jamaica Honorable Sandra Grant Griffin

The Musical Team

"I chose musicians of the heart," says Stewart

Carl McDonald – Vocals
Sabrina Williams – Vocals
Melissa Stokes – Spanish Vocals
Nicole Yarling- Violin and Vocals
Jesse Jones – Saxaphone
George Goddard – Steel Pan
Jaime Hinckson - Young Keyboard Player
Steve Lashley – Bass
Robert Johnson – Lead Guitar
Miguel Russell – Congas/Bongos & Percussion
The Tallawah Mento Band
Nicholas Pairman – Dancer
Miramar Percussion Orchestra and Little Angels- City of Miramar Early Childhood Program and ASPIRA Group


Air Jamaica
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Broward Cultural Division
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Broward Cultural Council
Cultural Foundation of Broward County
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Grant – Eddy Grant - ICE Records (ICE removed as its own- added to Eddy Grant)
Hilton Garden Inn
Jamaica Tourist Board and Information Services
Jamaican Consul General
Lyons, John & Amanda
Miramar Cultural Center
Miramar and Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce
Morrison, MD, Michelle A.
Paradise Saloon
Seaboard Marine
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Unique Creations – Liz Burns

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