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Willie Stewart


Dreams are real
Breath is a start
Thought is a process
Action is doing
Simply, begin your
Journey in Solutions;
One step at a time
Regardless of obstacles
Reach into the future
You'll be happy you did

Willie Stewart

Formerly of Third World—Drummer, Percussionist, Songwriter, Music Technologist, Programmer, Music Instructor/Facilitator & Prolific Musician/Director—Willie Stewart.

After playing successfully with Third World, Stewart's desire to work with children and give back to the community, coupled with his expertise in the world of percussion instruments stirred a desire in his head and heart to help heal - the world! - with music.

Creation of Solutions in Music starts with Stewart's exit of Third World in 1997. He left Jamaica for England and after a period of time began study with Access to Music (Kennedy Center equivalent), where within two years he became a licensed educator and facilitator of music, through school-based training and workshops with top clinicians, and music educators.. Stewart developed his own course file, and directed his sights towards teaching, inspiring and healing through music and giving back to the community.

In 2000 he arrived in Florida and over the next three years began working with libraries and cultural arts organizations, and parks and recreations with a brewing idea specifically for stress relief, community giving and corporate team building. In 2003, Solutions in Music was born.

Willie Stewart was born in England to Jamaican parents and the family moved to Jamaica when Willie was a young boy. His love of music lead to an illustrious career as a member of the popular band Inner Circle, touring with Byron Lee & the Dragonaires as their youngest member, and 23 years as a director and member of the internationally-known band Third World. During that time Third World produced 13 albums of which 5 received Grammy nominations. Stewart has performed with such renowned artists as Stevie Wonder and Eddy Grant and jammed on stages with Carlos Santana and Bob Marley. Over the years other notable performances included sharing the same stage bill with Quincy Jones, Sting, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams and U2.

Third World's unique rhythms provide the lively music for Sebastian's Caribbean Jamboree, a Walt Disney World video, featuring the little Mermaid's Sebastian. Stewart appeared in numerous videos, and the T.W. movie/documentary 'Prisoner in the Street.' He also co-produced, coordinated and organized a twelve-hour concert in Jamaica for President Nelson Mandela's official visit and performed as drummer for Eddy Grant's Frontline Orchestra in 'Millennium 2000' which broadcast live to 2.5 billion people via both the BBC and ABC from the island of Tobago.

His commitment to working with children and teachers in ways that can uplift, unite, motivate, empower, and inspire has lead to the creation of a variety of performances and workshops, which he combines under the umbrella - Solutions in Music. Workshops target and enhance historical, geographical, social studies, cultural, informative, stress relieving, and team and unity-building formats. People of all ages are motivated by the infectious enthusiasm of this world-class entertainer.

Willie Stewart has received overwhelming positive praise and enthusiasm for the variety of programs offered by Solutions in Music. Participants have included corporate America, schools, universities and communities around the globe. PBS WLRN, NBC, ABC local morning shows and news, BECON Miami Herald, Broward Herald and Sun-Sentinel have featured and covered these workshops.

Reggae Ambassadors


Willie, Stevie, Richie, and Carrot (1981 at Wonderland Studios)

Stewart and his fellow Third World band members' strong humanitarian beliefs have earned them many awards including the United Nations 'Peace Medal, two NAACP Image Awards nominations and The Diamond Award of Washington DC. When Amnesty International called musicians to perform in Giant Stadium before a live audience of 100,000 and an MTV estimated audience of 26 million viewers, Stewart with Third World, was there performing for human rights!

As Jamaica's most successful act next to Bob Marley, Third World became known as 'Reggae Ambassadors.' Recently Stewart received The Stellar Award given by Partners for Youth and African American Achievers Award – Nominee Special Recognition.

The Dream Lives on...
Stewart has taken his role as "ambassador" further with a sincere mission to share his knowledge and experience with people of all ages. While himself (nick-named "Root") and Ibo Cooper ("Flying Keyboard Master") re-embrace their destiny not only as Ambassadors of Jamaica and Ambassadors of Reggae, these all new "Reggae Ambassadors" look ahead to a clear new mission that embraces a wide spectrum of music form and defies previous definitions of some of the sounds in today's music industry.

As members of Third World and ambassadors of music they will carry within themselves, sounds that were part of the essence and legacy of Third World, and hope to implement a new clarity and dimension of unique rhythmic instrumental and melodic tapestry with harmonious energy to feed the souls of mankind.

With a renewed spirit and commitment, the mission of Reggae Ambassadors is still clear:-

We kept the dream alive
Working with the children and youth
Growing spiritually
Now again we are ready
To stand the test of time
We are committed
Holding on to love
Rising in Harmony
Flying the flags of peace
Loving with a sense of purpose!

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