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DANNY VENDREL  16 year wins International drum Competition for 2012

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Seven Year old Miguel Russell playing Take 5 at On The Beat Drum school

Drum off at Edna Manley School Kingston Jamaica

Private Lessons – With a Drumming Master

For Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced

Do you have a drum beat in you? Unexplored?

You know it's in there – maybe you see it in your child?

It's Time to Explore the Unexplored

Private Lessons

Conducted by Willie Stewart

Legendary drummer from the international group

Third World!

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willy-0124The heart of a drumbeat and the heart of a drummer make music together in talent, style, creativity and rhythm with On The Beat Drum School. Its mission: - to bring two heartbeats together in synchronicity.

You may have the next world drumming champion on your hands - within yourself, within your child, your spouse, or your sibling.

A chance to improve and develop your listening, coordination, rhythm, and musical skills while exploring the wide variety of rhythm styles, understanding the methods and technique behind them while having fun! You might want to play for your own enjoyment or for your church - Rock, Pop, Funk, Ballads, Latin R & B, Reggae, Soca or Jazz; or simply to jam with your friends. You might want to be a studio session drummer or want to take it to the competition level, a teacher or even a much-needed anti-stress hobby, or passion. Whatever the reason, On the Beat Drum School will meet your needs.

_DPP3275On The Beat Drum School opens an opportunity for your child, or yourself - to shine, be bold, explore sensitivities and musical proclivity. A child who has found their rhythm in a drum, will also find the rhythm in their life. Drumming teaches life skills from the inside out. Willie Stewart is a musical mentor, a friend, a life coach, a father of six, a husband and a businessman – not necessarily in that order of priority – but equally significant, none-the-less. He is a Teacher.

_DPP0101Stewart has been playing drums from the age of six. He began beating at that age on pots and pans and bed heads. He honed his own unique and signature style of playing drums and went on to play in numerous bands internationally, including creating 13 successful albums.

In 1981 he completed a three-year orchestral snare drum and drum-set course and was certified by Dr. Billy Moore, Studio of Percussion in LA. He completed the Instrumental Music Facilitator course with the Open College Network in the UK (OCN Level 3) by Access to Music, were he was certified and licensed as a workshop leader and music facilitator/educator.

Stewart studied Colin Woolway's Drumsense Teachers program in 1998 – 1999, and was a Drum Instructor & Percussion Instructor at Haling Manor High School and Drum Instructor for Sutton College of the Liberal Arts, both in the UK.

_DPP0129 copyUsing a unique blend of his own style and a combination of others, Stewart has written a successful drum course formula taking students from beginner through intermediate to advance. He teaches all styles of music from Rock, R & B, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Reggae Soca, Ballads and Reading Notation Skills. Willie Stewart is endorsed by Zildjian Cymbals and Remo Percussions

Private Lessons can be arranged by appointments in his state of the art " ON THE BEAT " drum studio. Find your rhythm in the art of drumming .

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Profile of a Student

Congratulations to my student Danny Vendrell. Please see Danny practicing at "On The Beat Drum School" in the photo below.

Winner of the Prestigious 2010 International Larrie Londin Memorial Scholarship

danny2Drum classes with William "Willie" Stewart have changed my life!

Since I was ten, I have been meeting with him once a week, and learning from the wealth of knowledge that he is.

From the beginning, we worked on many different styles, genres, and perfected the many aspects of the modern drummer.

With the skills I have attained in my studies, I hope to go to a music college, something Willie has also helped me with tremendously.

From the professional recording session, to the one on one talks about life, Willie is an all around amazing drum teacher, and friend, who I actively recommend to whomever I can.

Who is Danny Vendrell?

At the age of ten, my family and I attended a church wide picnic. Somehow in the midst of laughter, bounce houses, and the aroma of hot dogs wafting through the air, I had managed to wander off into the chapel stage. There sat an electronic drum set. I sat down, and as I tinkered around with cymbals, snare, and bass drum pedal, I began to muse what it would be like to actually play the drums. At the time, and for my young ears, so far it seemed good to me.

A month later, I began a journey as a drum student to one of the most leading drummers of our time Willie Stewart. He played and recorded with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Eddy Grant Jammed on stage with Bob Marley And Santana and was the principal drummer and percussionist and recorded 13 hit albums for the 5 time Grammy nominated international group Third World Today, 6 years later, I am currently still under his teaching playing various genres of music including a myriad of multi-cultural styles.

I am humbled to have been awarded the Larrie Londin Memorial Scholarship, and I plan to continue my college career in music. I endeavor to pursue a high quality of music education and training with an emphasis on performance, creativity, and research. My vision is to impact the lives and hearts of music enthusiasts in my community, and around the globe.

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