Rhythms of Africa - January 2013

We have partnered with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Miami, which will select 30 - 35 children to participate in nine 2-hour workshops, similar to our Broward model. During these sessions, not only do children learn about rhythms and practice on a variety of percussion instruments from around the world, they hear presentations from educators, community people, and prominent business leaders like yourself about developing skills and character for success. 

The program culminates with a 75 minute performance at the Adrienne Arsht Center on Saturday, January 12th 2013 as a feature in Arsht’s renowned Family Fest series. Arsht’s generous agreement also waives our facility rental, labor, and rehearsal costs, and provides marketing and promotion. 

As already noted: we’re thrilled.

Like the children who participate in our program, you’ve experienced the transformational power of music yourself. Please take a moment to look through some of the kids’ short comments, it’s touching and inspirational all over again, and reminds us our work is just beginning. A 45-minute documentary is about 3 months away while we line up additional projects, venues, and partners.

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