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Introduction To Percussion Workshop

Willie Stewart preparing students for “Arts Inspire “

Willie Stewart of Third World and “Becon Real Science “


Willie Stewart’s Jamaican Rhythms at “Arts Inspire “


Willie Stewart Percussion Workshop Edna Manley School of Music


Introduction to Percussion Workshops to students in schools, after-school programs, parks and recreation facilities and community centers.


Liberate Learning in Children

The "Liberate Learning through World Rhythm" workshop teaches skills that can be used by all students, teachers, principals and administration staff - not only music faculty and students, but all disciplines.

161The educational goal of the program is to use rhythm as a tool to liberate overall learning skills through music and social skills from interactive, hands-on workshops that develop creativity and stimulate innovation. By increasing a sense of understanding and building higher critical thinking skills, the student's mind is challenged to 'think outside the box'.

Problem-solving and communication skills are engaged through a model of responsiveness which contributes significantly to spatial and intellectual development in the child. This nurtures self discipline and diligence - traits that lead to effective study work habits which ultimately lead to children who will become responsible productive adults.

The content is aligned with the Florida Sunshine State Educational Standards and can be adopted easily in any classroom situation to enhance student focus and listening skills. The content is relevant to all ages and the approach appeals to all cultural backgrounds.

Intro_To_Percussion_Workshop_Perfect_Children_in_HarmonyWillie Stewart demonstrates that by utilizing easily acquired percussion instruments, a teacher can capture the attention and imagination of the individual student and enhance their leadership skills and the classroom group dynamic. Students learn by doing, therefore the teacher as leader will learn how to lead his/her student through the MIND/BODY/SOUND connection to focused learning and stress relief.

This workshop promotes focus and control and improves listening skills, increasing student concentration and attention span for better learning and promoting leadership qualities.

Teachers can develop a new rhythm to liberate learning through this unique technique. By appealing to the basic instinct within children to find their natural rhythm in things— for example, children are always tapping on the desks, books, chairs and tables to an imaginary sound in their heads—this workshop harnesses and incorporates what comes naturally to a child.

Recognizing that some students never learn through the conventional way of learning and noticing that they can remember, lyrics from songs, beats from ballads, teachers and parents are encouraged to embrace that zone. The discipline naturally created by this new interest allows them to have fun too!

Mathematics comes into play, as counting off the sound beats is required to move through the Rhythms

Geography is engaged as they learn the areas in the world, where the different instruments and sounds have originated.

History is channeled through the people who came and brought the music, the culture and movement with them.

Social Studies are applied as children learn about various cultures, music and interaction among different social spheres.

Interactive & inspirational. A wide variety of percussion instruments provided. (40 – 100 participants) - 1 - 3 hours; Extended Percussion workshop. 6 – 8 week. Learn African, Brazilian, Latin and Caribbean Rhythms.


stewart-0060Two workshops - "Introduction to Percussion" and "Rhythms around the World." These can be done for a Teacher's Training Day - learning how to teach children, for principals, retreats, lectures. Workshops are tailored for students of all ages. Impacting up to 500 students, the workshops can be broken out into - one day, 5 hours, 45 minute durations; 15 minute breaks and 100 children per duration.

A set of band directors surveyed spoke in general terms about the benefits of band education; they created a list of benefits: discipline, teamwork, coordination, development of skills, lifetime skills, accomplishments, cooperation, self-confidence, sense of belonging, responsibility, self expression, creativity, performance, companionship, builds character and personality, improves self esteem, social development and enjoyment.


The arts are a critical component of our educational programming, kindergarten through 12th grade. In the workshop, we saw students energized, excited and inspired to meet and learn from Willie Stewart. We are proud to participate in such a rewarding program that offers our students enriching and memorable educational experience.

Maureen Dinnen
School Board of Broward County

An Event to Remember!

"Arts Inspire" – November 2009
Partnership of Broward Center for the Performing Arts and the School Board of Broward County, Parkway Middle School and Winston Park School – a one day workshop with performance at the end - 60 students drum to a Bob Marley beat as Jamaican Reggae Legend Willie Stewart guided them.

Students were first introduced to percussion instruments and their origins, using a wide variety of actual musical instruments from around the world. They then focused on musical concepts such as rhythm, timing and beat; tonality and harmony; performance techniques; and the role of percussive music forms in ritual and culture. The workshop ends with a recital by the students and guest artist, Willie Stewart.

This workshop was attended by many dignitaries in the Broward Arts Community, including members of the School Board of Broward County, members of the Consulate General of Jamaica and the Jamaican Tourist Board, Broward Cultural Division and dignitaries of Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

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